Home Inspections
Licensed in North and South Carolina, Oak Leaf Home Inspections is ready to serve you where ever your dream home may be.  We get to know your home inside and out and then present a full report in an easy-to-understand format.  From full or partial property inspections to warranty and maintenance inspections, we are ready when you need us.

We offer inspections throughout the construction process with our Footing and Framing inspections as well as our New Construction Inspection when the home is ready for move in.  If you are buying or selling an existing home, we offer Pre-Purchasing  and Pre-Listing inspections.

If you are looking to purchase a property for renovation, request a Structural Inspection ​and we will check out the "bones" of the house to make sure it is structurally sound.

After you get settled in and have enjoyed your new home for a while, it may also be beneficial for you to request our 1-Year Warranty Inspection or, every 3 to 5 years, our Home Maintenance Inspection.  These inspections will give you confidence that your home is operating as it should and help to prevent any costly surprises. 

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Radon Detection
The US Environmental Protection Agency lists Radon as the #1 cause of lung cancer among non-smokers.  It is a radioactive gas that you can't see, smell, or taste, so that makes it even more dangerous. 

Radon gas, caused by Uranium decay, works its way up through the soil and into homes.  The EPA estimates that 1 in 15 homes have elevated levels of Radon gas, many of those homeowners are unaware of the problem.  

Good news... Oak Leaf Home Inspections can accurately test your property for the presence of Radon gas as well as state its concentration.  Our fleet of AirThings Corentium Pros use 4 radon testing chambers per unit to give us the most precise data.  With this information you will be able to keep your home healthy as well as you and your family.
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Mold Testing
Fungus, Mildew, Mold... which is it?  And, more importantly, is it the harmful kind?  Whatever it is, if you are seeing it, it needs to be abated.  Our testing methods will reveal exactly what it is so you know the best course of action. 

Don't see anything, but keep smelling a musty, mildew, moldy smell?  Air testing will identify exactly what is floating around in your home's atmosphere.  

At Oak Leaf Home Inspections, we can test for the presence of mold, to see what will need to be done for you to breathe easy and keep you and your family healthy.
Sound Monitoring
Noise pollution can have a negative impact on you or your family.  Sounds throughout the day and night have the potential to disturb your quiet home.  The sounds may be even more of an issue if you or a family member is a light sleeper or works from home or has a non-traditional schedule.  One of the challenges when searching for your new home is that you cannot be in the home at all hours of the day and night to see if noise is an issue.  Our Sound Monitoring devices will record for, at least, a 48 hour period and report any issues. 

We recommend Sound Monitoring for any home that is near a train track, intersection, or nightclub. Also multi-family structures, such as a condo or townhouse may need sound monitoring as well, especially if directly over retail space. 

Oak Leaf Home Inspections wants you to be comfortable with your new home and our Sound Monitoring is just another way to help you plan for your future. 
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